Why Go to Your Uncomfort Zone?

As human beings, we all create habits. This helps us simplify much of our lives, but it also puts us in a comfort zone, where parts of our lives are on automatic pilot.

When we do something new, differently or outside of our comfort zone, we grow.

We also become more present, and the present moment is where the peace is.

I started actively doing things differently, and outside my comfort zone, in late 2015. It made me feel alive.

On December 6, 2016, I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea to do something differently – or outside of my comfort zone – every single day in 2017.  I was too excited to sleep and started to make a list of different types of things I could do. (Cue my piece on Why Type A to Be)!

Now, I’ve committed to doing at least one thing differently – or outside of my comfort zone – every single day in 2017. I’m writing about my experiences in my blog.

I wrote my first post on December 30, 2016 and called it “Why a Year in My Uncomfort Zone.” I deliberately used a word that doesn’t exist – “uncomfort” instead of “discomfort” – because being grammatically incorrect is WAY outside of my comfort zone!

Click here to read that post.

In 2017, I’ll be:

  • Trying new, LITTLE things
  • Trying new BIG things
  • Doing things I routinely do in a DIFFERENT way
  • Doing things that make me feel AWKWARD
  • Doing things that I know SCARE me
  • Doing things I’d usually AVOID

I’ll be looking for those moments of HESITATION that I feel when I have an impulse to do something and I don’t because I’m afraid, feel uncomfortable or am afraid of embarrassing myself. Often, I’m so used to suppressing those moments that I don’t realize I’ve had them until after they’ve gone.

What do I expect to get out of this experience?

I think it’s going to be fun, cringe-worthy, scary and empowering. I’ll let you know on the other side!

Meanwhile, why might you go to your Uncomfort Zone?