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Day 86 – Started a New Book

Learned about a new book last night called “Get Over Your Damn Self!” by Romi Neustadt, so downloaded it today and started to read. It’s fantastic. She has such a tell-it-like-it-is voice (as you can tell about the title), and […]

Day 85 – Sparkling Shiraz

I prefer white wine over red, but I love a good Shiraz. And I prefer flat wine over bubbly. So, I knew things could get interesting when Hubby chose a sparkly Shiraz. Tried it. Not my thing.    

Day 84 – Parable of the Trash Bin

When we returned to Australia from our few years in the US, everything we owned was in a storage unit. As we moved some of our things into a small place last September, we were excited to find forgotten treasures. […]

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