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Day 54 – 90 Minutes of My Life I Can’t Get Back

So, the boys wanted to watch a movie tonight. They wanted to watch Swiss Army Man. I’d seen the trailer before and thought it looked bizarre. But because I’m committed to doing things that are outside my comfort zone, I […]

Day 53 – ART

In June 2016, my back went out. I wasn’t even doing much, just reached over to do something and wham, the muscles in my middle back froze.  I could hardly move. But the problem wasn’t with my back. I learned […]

Day 52: Fav Restaurant. New Dish.

It was a busy day with a number of new and important things learned, but nothing I can write about here, so today’s blog post new/different thing is a simple one. Favorite restaurant: Stir Crazy Thai. New dish: lemongrass stir […]

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